Jérôme VADON

Designer / Technologist / Futurist / Creativity wizard

Jérôme VADON is a French Senior Global Designer, Technologist and Futurist with an extensive expertise in innovation, process management, creativity and technologies.
Global design expertise:Industrial design (Vehicle, furniture, object), innovative products, user experience (G/Ui/x), interior design, web/mobile+apps, graphic design & logo design, name branding and brand strategy... And even food design!
HiTech expertise: Augmented/virtual/mix reality & HUD, Drone, Robotics, 3D printing, Blue economy, Bio & Nano technology.
IT expertise:Next gen web, Social media, OS's, Mobility, Security, Privacy,
Personality:Curious of everything, open minded nerd. In love with sciences,astrophysics,space, arts, alt-life, architecture & fashion.